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Processing Made Easy

  • Take your customer’s check information.

  • Enter the information into the Gateway.



  • We Verify the Check is valid.

  • We create a check image.

  • We process the payment directly to your bank account

We give you the ability to process your way. With our full-service API, you can process checks directly from your system or smartphone application. Does your developer need assistance? We have our own in-house programming team to assist with Any Size Integration. 

Not only do we offer you the ability to take a check over the phone or via E-Commerce, but we also allow you to have your client email, text, or fax a check to you. This adds security because you are getting a signed check. You can also Email Invoice your customer.


Sending a check by scanned image, photo, or by Fax is legal and binding in the United States. Your clients can send a real check to you and we can get it into your account the Same Day!

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