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Millions of consumers have trusted and relied on Green to process Billions of Dollars in transactions from nearly every bank in the United States and Canada. As the oldest and most respected electronic check processor on planet Earth, we take many steps to make sure we protect consumers. 


One of the most popular features of our industry-leading technology is that our transactions provide very similar protection for consumers as credit cards. Consumers are given three full statement cycles with their bank to request a chargeback. This means that if an order is not fulfilled correctly or service is not provided as stated, a consumer may request a chargeback with their bank. By law, the bank must process the request if it is within three statement cycles. This gives customers 90+ days of consumer protection built into every single transaction. If a check processed is an outright fraud, the protection extends to a full year from the date of the transaction.


We also use an encrypted algorithm to make sure that once we process a check, the first 4-5 digits of the routing and account number get deleted from our records*. This guarantees that no hacker will gain access to massive amounts of consumer data. 



*within 30-days of the date of the sale

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