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Send an Email Invoice in Seconds

Managing invoices stressing you out? With our secure gateway, create and send Email Invoices in a few seconds. Our system will email it to your customer for payment. Your customers will pay online. Our system will verify the payment information is valid, and process the payment directly into your bank account. It's fast, secure, and most important Not a Headache!

No more creating, printing, stuffing, and mailing. Just a few clicks, and the invoice is on its way. 

*SSL Secured Payment Technology

*Captures an Electronic Signature

*Captures your customer's IP Address

*Verifies the Check is Valid

*Takes Less than a Minute

*Conforms to New Federal Regulations requiring MOTO operators to make sure customers initiate transactions.

How Does it Work?

All you need is the Name and Email Address. Fill out a quick 30-second form and send it. No licking envelopes. No stamping. No walking or driving to the mailbox.


We send the invoice by email. Your customer clicks and is taken to a secure form on our gateway, they fill out the payment details and submit payment to you. Once approved we send the payment to your bank account. We also grab an electronic signature and IP Address.

How do I set this up?

When you are approved for a merchant account with Green, it's already on your account. It's as simple as telling us where to send the Invoice. We will get it there in seconds!

Get a Free Quote.

Also, try our Payment Buttons, InstantCheck, or our Full Service API for more advanced features.


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