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What is Remote Deposit Capture?

There are many ways to process debits. One of the more modern methods is called RDC. At Green.Money™ we use this technology to speed up your deposits so your customer debits post to your bank account the same day.

How is this Different from ACH?

ACH processing is 3-5 day funding. It's so 2008! That means you process your debits on Monday, and you see the funds in your bank account on Thursday or Friday. Who wants to wait that long in this modern economy?

With RDC, you get Same-Day Deposit. If you process your debits today, you will see your deposit in your bank account today.

Also, with ACH, you have limits and a reserve. Those limits keep you from growing unless you are approved for processing more. With RDC, there is No Limit and No Reserve.

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