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Minimum Deposit: $100.00

We DO NOT accept BillPay Checks or Paypal. These payment methods will be rejected. It will also be YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to get those funds back. We will NOT return them to you. If you have to add our email or phone number to a payment WE LIKELY DO NOT ACCEPT THAT FORM OF PAYMENT. If you send funds and ignore this message you may not get your money back, and will NOT receive credit in your prepaid account. If you need assistance sending money via ACH or Wire Transfer, please speak with your local banker. Any attempt to circumvent the options above will be canceled, and your funds will not post to your account.



Prepay Options


Approved prepaid merchants may begin processing checks immediately. In order to ensure your checks batch in a timely fashion keep enough funds in your prepaid balance to cover all of your fees:


1. Deposit to your Prepaid Green Account via one of three methods.

2. We create and send your checks directly to your financial institution.

3. The fees associated with your account are deducted from your Prepaid Balance.


How do I view my balance or know when a deposit has posted?






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