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Partnerships are the Backbone of Our Operation!

While others in the industry talk about creating new revenue streams, at Green, we go beyond words. We travel the country, meeting face-to-face with our partners to discuss long-term business strategies and share the D-Paper techniques we've perfected since 2008. We pioneered the art of Turning Dead Deals Into Dollars! If you're ready to earn 50-90% commissions on D-Paper, scroll down and discover how we can make it happen together.

How Do We Make You Money?

Why do so many processors take so long to approve accounts? At Green, we believe in a straightforward approach: Same-Day Approval for Merchants. We handle underwriting in-house, eliminating the need to wait on banks or deal with multiple document requests. Our process is simple: you send a link, the merchant signs up online, and we approve them!


Fast, Electronic Signup!

Our electronic check sign-up process is the simplest in the industry. No need for Articles of Incorporation, owner documents, or bank statements. We just capture basic data online, an ID upload, and a checking account. It’s that easy!


In-House Underwriting

Our underwriters know that true insights come from a merchant's processing data, not merely what’s stated in their application. We avoid excessive pre-screening and let the processing data do the work. This method results in faster, more efficient approvals!

Dollar Bill Illustration

Daily Commission!

Yes, that's right. We pay out commissions daily. While you can choose weekly or monthly payouts, why wait? Get your money faster with Daily Commissions. We pioneered this approach too.

Extremely Detailed Commission Reporting

We've all struggled with confusing commission reports. That's why we built a commission portal where you can view your commissions in a summary format or fully detailed by merchant, date, total billed to the merchant, commissionable amount, and your percentage. Plus, it’s exportable to Excel for your accounting department.

Commission Reporting 01.png
Dig Deeper.png

Dig Deeper
Assist Better!

We offer more than just commission insights like Paid, Pending, and Processing Volumes. We enable you to assist your referrals if needed. You can impersonate their account to view what they see, reset passwords, and much more!


After Approval...

This is the most crucial piece of the puzzle in making you money. It's not just about quick sign-ups and approvals, although those are important building blocks. Our real value lies in preventing difficult situations from leading to merchants losing faith and walking away. This is where we truly excel. Here are a few trade secrets we use after the sale:

Frank Lewis
National Cash Management Systems
Dallas, TX

"We have been selling for Green for years. We currently board on average 10 accounts per month...This is absolutely the future of the payment processing space for clients that are deemed high risk...The Green customer support is first class and always willing to help."

Verification Services

Money Back Guarantee.jpg

Guaranteed Protection

High-risk merchants can be challenging if their cash flow is disrupted. That's why at Green we offer multiple levels of guarantees on our electronic checks. If a payment we verify is returned, we provide a full credit of the fee charged*, demonstrating our confidence in our verification accuracy. Additionally, we now offer a service that covers the full amount of the check in the event of a chargeback**, providing merchants with even greater peace of mind.


Split Deposits

This strategy, common in credit card processing, is essential for electronic checks. We educate merchants on using multiple accounts across financial institutions and splitting deposits based on risk level. This keeps transaction volumes low per account, preventing banks from becoming alarmed and avoiding scrutiny from regulators and underwriters. Our system handles this automatically, without needing multiple internal merchant accounts. It’s a significant value add that competitors don’t offer, providing unmatched security and peace of mind.

Money Flying out of Computer.jpg

Yes, We Pay Bonuses!

We understand how much you value your bonus dollars. That's why we have up to $5,000 available for you in your first 60-days with us. Explore our offerings and see how straightforward and effortless it is to earn them:

$250* / Approved Merchant (first 60-days)
$99* / Approved Merchant thereafter

*To qualify for the bonus, the merchant must be approved by underwriting, and we must receive all required documents. Additionally, the merchant must start processing within 30 days. If the merchant is approved but does not process, the bonus commission will not be awarded.

Get in Touch

Skip Morden
VP, Strategic Partnerships
o: 470-945-1237
c: 706-525-9670

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Thank you. We will be in touch soon!

*In the unlikely event an item is returned unpaid, we will issue a credit to the merchant's account for the full amount they paid to us in fees. This credit will automatically be applied towards any future processing fees. We will not refund the fee to the merchant's bank, credit card, or debit card, nor will we cover any fees the bank charges the merchant. To utilize the verification guarantee, the merchant must log into their account and report the return details. Restrictions apply.

**To enroll in our 100% guarantee program for electronic checks, the merchant must first apply and qualify. Not all merchants or merchant types are eligible for 100% coverage. Restrictions include coverage limits and specific types of returned items that are covered. Speak to a representative today for more information and a detailed list of restrictions.

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