At Green.Money™ we give you the perfect combination

of tools to process money

Accept payments over the phone, by email, online via API, in your customized shopping cart, and more. We spent the last 12-years asking our merchants what they like and responding with creative programming and features that work in the real world.

Payment Buttons

Create versatile, customizable payment buttons for your website. The Green.Money™ payment gateway gives you the ability to easily create and post your buttons with minimal experience and effort.

Email Invoicing

Not all businesses are eCommerce online stores. We know that many companies rely on invoicing their customers. We have a user-friendly Email Invoicing system that works for you.

Add as few or as many details as you like. Know exactly when a customer pays and electronically signs your invoice through our instant notification system.

For your security, we capture the customer's IP Address and send electronic receipts.

Full Service API

Build it your way. Many companies have their projects and in-house software systems. For those who need complete flexibility, we give it to you with our full-service API and SDK (Software Developer's Kit). 

We do not outsource the programming of our payment gateway. It is done in-house, inside our corporate offices in the United States. We pay the best and brightest. When you need help with your project, you will never deal with an under-educated, underpaid employee who doesn't understand code. Our team is hand-picked and expensive from the top down. They know what they are doing. That makes a difference when you need help.

Same Day Funding

Credit and debit cards have a 2-3 day funding delay. They also come with processing limits and reserves. With Green.Money™ payment processing, you can get your money processed to your bank account with Same Day speed. No delays!

In most cases, there are no reserves and no limits on monthly processing volumes. We do not restrict your ability to earn money.

Remote Deposit Capture

We use RDC technology to electronically deposit your payments to your bank account with incredible speed. We also offer more advanced features for large corporations that include Image Cash Letter (ICL) and Lockbox services. With ICL technology, process as many as Fifteen Thousand (15,000) items in a single batch and get an instant receipt from your financial institution. RDC technology is available for companies processing ten million dollars ($10,000,000) a month or less. ICL is available above ten million.


With the Green.Money™ payment gateway pay bills and deposit money to accounts from anywhere in the world.

Banks offer billpay free of charge. They send a payment on your behalf where it needs to go. How about asking your financial institution if they can deliver that payment to any bank account in the United States, sent from your computer while sitting on a beach on a tropical island without limits!

We can process your bill payments or deposit a check on your behalf directly into the bank account of another person or company. And yes, you can get it done while on vacation, sipping on a cold one, looking out over the ocean.

Recurring Billing

One of the essential pieces for many companies is recurring billing. The Green.Money™ payment gateway allows you to create regular recurring payments or with different variables.

Process monthly recurring billing, or set up weekly, bi-weekly, Monday through Friday only, or other combinations. You can even set up a single deposit amount and recurring payments without having to enter the information multiple times. This is an excellent feature for rentals.

Picture Checks

Do your customers still send you physically signed paper checks? Are you tired of waiting 3-5 days for snail mail to get to you? Did you know that as many as 70% of check-by-mail orders never send the check?

The Green.Money™ payment gateway allows you to accept a picture of the check. Your customer can snap a photo and email it to you or upload it using our InstantCheck feature, which works via text and mobile device.

Always be sure to close the sale. Don't leave yourself waiting on the money!

Signature Capture

Want to get extra protection on a large order? Green.Money™ gives you the tools to capture a live-signature from your customer to include with a debit processed to your bank.

We see "interesting" things over the years, such as a customer drawing private parts peeing into a toilet as a signature. You do not want your bank to see such a thing, so we protect you by having representatives look at every live-signature. If we see something funky, we report it to you. 

QVT - Verification Technology

Blindly taking electronic payments is a horrible idea. That is why we offer four levels of independent verification technologies, called Quad-Verify, as well as give you the ability to Blacklist and Whitelist customers or banks.

From standard electronic verification to elevated, live verification with the banks, to our newest system called VERDE™, we go all-in to protect you from losing time and money on your transactions.

Secure Customer Data

It is a huge responsibility to store customer data, such as name, address, telephone, email, and payment information. Choosing a data partner with a solid track record is very important.

We are Bank-Grade 256-Bit secure, PCI-compliant, and have an SSL certificate. We have a 99.98% uptime record over our 12-year history with 24/7 monitoring. We constantly upgrade our IP-Blocking technology. Your data will always be secure inside the Green.Money™ payment gateway.

eCommerce Integrated

With the Green.Money™ payment gateway, you are already set up with the world's leading eCommerce systems.  

It doesn't matter if you are with Shopify or WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Magento, Limelight or OpenCart, Ecwid, PrestaShop, or even CS-Cart. We have already developed and fully maintain the tools you need to get going today. We also offer our world-class eCommerce system. Please scroll down for more information and our FREE trial.

The best part? You can accept nearly any payment method worldwide. Names like Paypal, Square, Stripe, and even Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin are all at your fingertips. 

The Green.Money™ cart checkout is optimized with the industry's best shopping cart features to ensure a smooth experience for your customers — and it's not just bug-free, but specifically designed to be easy and convenient for customers throughout their whole shopping journey.

With the Green.Money™ cart, it's easy to offer a better checkout, and better overall user experience, than your competitors.

World Class Shopping Cart Technology

Need to sell products online? Not only have we already integrated into the best eCommerce stores around, but we also have our own built right into the gateway.

Our Professional Website Builder...Built-in

This is why the Green.Money™ cart is the best website builder for your business

The Green.Money cart makes it easy to create a website that will put your brand in the spotlight and provide your customers with an experience they'll love. Plus, you can use the Green.Money™ cart to build any website with its own online store, built-in, and completely integrated with the rest of your site.

What types of websites can you build with the Green.Money™ cart?


Print-on-demand products





Downloadable ebooks

Toys and games

and much more...

Arts and crafts

Event tickets

Firearms and tactical accessories




School or office supplies

Music and band merchandise

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