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Become a Green.Money Expert in Minutes

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The standard PDF-based How-To Guides are no longer available here on the website. We have replaced them with explainer videos. If you need the older versions, log into your account, click on ACCOUNT on the menu bar. Click on MY ACCOUNT. In the middle of the screen, scroll down and see "Merchant Resources" on the bottom left.

Learn How To:

Process a Debit

Send a Billpay

Track a Deposit

Create a Pay Now Button

Issue a Refund

Fund a Prepaid Balance

All of your Questions, Answered on One Page

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Quick Start Guide for New Merchants

How to Manually Process a Debit

How to Send a Billpay

How to Create a Pay Now Button

How to Issue a Refund

How to Track a Deposit

How to Fund a Prepaid Balance

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