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Green eVerify™

You want payments that don't have problems - Green.Money™ offers multiple efficient ways to verify the validity of customer payments. 

We offer manual and fully-automated verifications. We give you a GO or NO-GO on each item and details so you can make more informed decisions.

Green eVerify™ is instant, and available 24-hours a day.

Green Live-Verify™

Our Green Live-Verify™ service gives further peace of mind -  our representative connects directly with the bank and asks if the account is valid, and if the funds are available. This is a LIVE connection direct with your customer’s bank.

Our Block List

At Green.Money™, we actively seek out and collect information, including chargebacks, bad accounts data, addresses involved in fraud, criminal cases, and much more.

Our expertise in processing for all size and types of corporations has given us years of data, including those that attempt to commit fraud. We have a special place for those types of individuals - our Block List.

***Some Verification Services are Not Available to Ultra High-Risk Industries***

Our Guarantee

Green.Money™ is the only processor that offers a Verification Guarantee*. In the unlikely event that a payment we verify is returned, we will give a Full Credit of the fee we charged. This is how good we are at verifications.

*In the unlikely event an item is returned unpaid, we will issue a credit to your merchant account for the entire amount you paid to us in fees. That credit will automatically be used towards any future processing fees you incur. We will not refund the fee to your bank or to your credit or debit card. We will not refund or credit any fee that your bank charges you. In order to take advantage of the verification guarantee, you must log into your account and report the return details. Restrictions apply.

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