Our e-Verify system is a fast, easy way to verify that a

check/s is valid. We give you the tools to be able to accurately decide whether to process your customer’s payment or to deny it and request an alternate

method (such as a credit card).


You enter the data into our secure online gateway

manually or fully electronic (hands off) via

direct connect using our Secure API. We

verify the check/s and give you a GO

or NO-GO on each item. We give a

code with details so you can make a

more informed decision. e-Verify is

available 24-hours a day.

***e-Verify Services are Not Available to Ultra High-Risk Industries***

Live Verification

Our Live-Verify service gives your company the extra protection it needs to make sure the check will be valid at presentment. When you use Live-Verify our representative calls the bank and asks if the account is valid and if the funds are currently available. This is NOT electronic data. This is LIVE information direct from the customer’s bank.

Our Block List...

We have a solid relationship with quite a few big companies, and process for thousands of others. That allows us to collect data on those we feel might do you harm. We have a special place for those types of individuals and businesses; Our Block List. On top of electronic and live verification of funds services, we actively seek out and collect information in all forms. This includes bad check writer data, addresses reportedly involved in fraud, information from active criminal cases, and much much more.

We Guarantee the Results

We are the only processor that offers a Verification Guarantee* on checks. In the unlikely event that a check that we verified bounces, we will give a Full Credit of the fee we charged. This is how good we feel we are at our verification services.


*We do not offer check guarantee service. In the unlikely event a check bounces, we will issue a credit to your merchant account for the entire amount you paid to us in fees. That credit will automatically be used towards any future processing fees you incur. We will not refund the fee to your bank or to your credit or debit card. We will not refund or credit any fee that your bank charges you. In order to take advantage of the verification guarantee, you must go to www.green.money/return and enter the returned check details. Restrictions apply.

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