How to get a Fee-Credit for a Returned Check:

An image of the front of the returned check is required for us to credit your merchant account for the fee. The credit is only valid towards future processing and is not a refund to your checking account, credit/debit card, or prepaid balance.


We will not issue a credit for checks returned under the following conditions:
If we found the check to be risky and you overrode our warning.

If you refused to use our verification service.

If the check is over $500 and you refused the additional Phone Verification.

Checks that are marked Stop Payment, Fraud, or Unauthorized.

Any item you report more than 30-days after it was processed.

Recurring payments unless it was the first in the series.


We will notify you via email once the review is complete and we have issued a credit to your merchant account. If we cannot issue a credit we will notify you of the reason. If the image you upload cannot be read the request will be denied.





1. Log into your merchant account.

2. Go to CHECKS on the menu bar and click on CHECK SEARCH.

3. Locate the check by the check number, name, or address.

4. Once you locate the check, under DETAILS on the left side, click the "+" PLUS SIGN.

5.  Scroll down. On the far right under LINKS, click on REPORT BANK REJECT.

5. Choose the reason for the return. If confused choose Rejected Other*.

6. Choose the file of the check image. The system may take time to upload based on your internet speed.

7. Verify the image matches the information for the check and click the SUBMIT FOR REVIEW button.


*Please understand we cannot accept an image of the check without a bank reject stamp. If you receive your return notices online, take a screenshot of the check and the notice so we can mark the return reason properly. If you only upload an image of the check without a stamp or proof of return, your request will be rejected, and you will have to start the process over again. We do not accept video.





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