At Green.Money™ we give you the tools needed to make more money with your merchants. Earn up to $20k in bonuses your first year!


We are The Original

We are the original e-check gateway. At Green.Money™ we started the entire online industry. We know what we are doing.

No more turning down deals! If you have never sold electronic debits or credits, you are missing out. Earn Up to $20,000 in Bonuses Your First Year!

Daily Commission Payouts!

The Green.Money™ payment gateway pays out daily via ACH direct to your bank account on file.

We payout Millions of Dollars in commissions each year. All commissions are processed by an automated computer system, keeping us from making human errors in calculations. we give you direct access to detailed online reporting that breaks down every transaction to the penny. 

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No More Rainy Days

Most processors have a chargeback commission reversal system. At Green.Money™ you have our No Rainy Days Guarantee.

If one of your merchants is approved, then later charges back their fees, you have Zero Liability. We will never take your commission back once it has paid.

The Fastest Approvals

We have a fully dedicated, in-house underwriting team that underwrites every day except Sundays. If you provide a completed packet in the morning, your account may be approved and open the same day. No more waiting 3, 4, 5-days, or more for an answer on a client.

We also provide you with an Underwriting Liaison; someone you can speak to about any applicant without having to wait on underwriting to send you updates.

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The Best Software

Green.Money™ has an in-house programming team. That means we offer more bells and whistles. All of our new "toys" keep your merchants happy and processing for extended periods.

Don't place your merchants with just anyone - Most "processors" don't actually process, and rarely have programmers in your time zone. Make sure they have an in-house team that is dedicated to your merchants' needs.

Already Integrated

Whatever eCommerce system your merchants use - we've got them covered! Green.Money™ integrates with all leading systems - Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Limelight, OpenCart, Ecwid, PrestaShop and even CS-Cart. Need a new system? We offer our own world-class eCommerce system. To learn more - click here

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We Process to All Banks

At Green.Money™ we process deposits directly to all banks in the United States and some in Canada. We do not offer limited bank selections, as some of our  "competitors" do.

We don't tell your merchants where they can and cannot bank. We make suggestions based on extensive industry experience. We process in the most efficient manner possible. Unless a different method is required, we process electronically via RDC, ICL, or ACH. We do not print and mail deposits to merchants.

Fastest Deposit Times

The Green.Money™ payment gateway gives your merchants the ability to receive their funds the Same Day. 

We have processing options that include Near Instant; Transactions processed and deposited in seconds, not days. This makes a big difference when you are discussing processing with a potential merchant. You have a "secret weapon" in your arsenal, called Green.Money™.

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If It's Legal, We Process It

You will never find a more open-minded payment gateway. We come to the table ready to do business with everyone. As long as it is legal, we are on board.

The Green.Money™ payment gateway offers ACH, RDC, RCC, and ICL processing for Low to Ultra-High Risk merchants inside and outside the United States. We offer processing for those that very rarely qualify elsewhere.

QVT - Verification Technology

Green.Money™ is the only processor in the world that offers QVT, our Quad-Verify Technology and our Verification Guarantee.

We electronically verify against national data that we purchase. We offer a second-stage Live-Verification from our call center. We add in a third stage, a block list built from 12+ years of verification experience. We top it all off with our newest direct bank-login tech, Verde.

If our verification system fails and an item is returned unpaid, we will give a Full Credit of the fee we charged and still reprocess it if asked to do so...100% free*. That is going the extra mile on behalf of your merchants!

*Offer does not apply to certain high to ultra-high risk industries and specific return types, such as fraud.


Real Support

We allow you to control your merchants while interacting with us on a live, robust, always-improving back end. However, if you prefer not to handle your merchants, we can handle customer service for you.

At Green.Money™, we have a call center for incoming support questions, an interactive 24-hour chat system that has Artificial Intelligence capabilities, a Frequently Asked Questions page on the website, How-To Videos, and more. 


Frank Lewis

National Cash Management Systems

Dallas, TX

"We have been selling for Green for years. We currently board on average 10 accounts per month...This is absolutely the future of the payment processing space for clients that are deemed high risk...The Green customer support is first class and always willing to help."

Blair Thomas


Los Angeles, CA

"EMB is an established leader in the high-risk space of electronic payments. Maintaining our brand and reputation plays into every decision we make...We only partner with reputable, reliable solutions that pay us, and our merchants on time, every time. We look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with Green."

Locksley Spencer

Electronic Payment Services

Columbus, OH

"Green is the best place to put your high-risk clients. They are a joy to work with. Green provides great products, on time commission payments, 24-hour customer boarding and deposits. It doesn't get any better than that. Thank you Green."

Rob Cote

MLR Marketing Group

Jacksonville, FL

"We love the Green eDebit service! We've set up more accounts in the past year than our previous 14 years in business...Green has transformed the e-debit process in the payment processing industry...Green is the perfect fit for us...we haven't had an account declined yet."

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