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Afraid of Living?

People die every single day in so many ways. They die in their sleep, in car accidents, by boating, and more. The even die by murder and rape. Some fall off cliffs. Others get hit by bullets and bombs. The list of types of death goes on and on. We see it in the news, on TV shows, and in movies. We hear about death so much in our lives that we become scared of it. That ultimate moment that we all must eventually succumb. That is just the point. It is but a moment in time that we can not ignore, or can we? At this very moment, people all over the world huddle in their houses. They are scared to death of a virus. I admit that it is a new virus and does kill, but a virus none the less. As such, it kills a small percentage of the people it infects. One thing is for sure; it kills a far lower rate than the media lets on. The same can be said that a percentage of people who drive will die. Why don't we stop driving? A portion of people who fly in airplanes will die. We keep on flying year after year. People just walking down the street will die from traffic accidents. We keep on walking. If you live to be 80, you will experience over 42 Billion minutes of life. That is over two and a half trillion seconds. 2,500,000,000,000 is a huge number. I want that to burn into your brain. Trillions of seconds is a long, long, long time no matter what you tell yourself. People say life is short. In reality, it is not. I want you to realize that life and living is 99.999999% of the time spent on this Earth. Death is 0.000001%. Do not spend your time worrying about your death. Some say it is natural. I say it is not. It is driven by media, which is negative to the core and wants you to think about it 24-7-365. They want you to be obedient. It is what is consuming a large portion of the planet at this very moment. The media is telling us all to listen to them or die. That is the narrative, and it is wrong. Instead of worrying about when death will finally come knocking on your door, I want you to experience living to its fullest. If you stay tucked away in your home, you are giving up precious moments that you cannot get back. You are not scared of death; you are afraid of living. Time spent with family and friends, and even coworkers are significant to your soul. The government doesn't want you to visit your family? I say you put on the mask and gloves, bring along some hand sanitizer, and sit down six feet away from them if you must. Enjoy their company while you and they are still living. Haven't done a cookout in a while? Call some friends and make it happen. Just remember to enjoy while being smart. On the extreme side, have you ever gone hang-gliding or jumped out of a perfectly good airplane? As soon as it is possible, do it. It will make you remember you are alive. It will make you realize that you can live the life you want without worry. One last note. I am not saying walk in front of a speeding car. I know the virus exists. I'm not rushing into a hospital without a mask to prove it wrong. What I am saying is pretty easy to understand. You cannot hide from death, and you should not fear a few moments in time for trillions of seconds of enjoyment. You take chances with your life every day without realizing it. Now, get back out there and start living again. You will do yourself and humanity a huge favor.

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-Lonnie Passoff

Founder and President

Green.Money (Green Payment Processing)

About the Author:

Lonnie Passoff started the first-ever internet-only electronic check processing firm in 2008. It has grown to be the largest e-check processor on the planet. A veteran of the United States Army, he has become a multi-millionaire through honest, smart business practices. He frequently speaks at business conventions and is a paid advisor to multiple corporations. He also holds a seat on the board of breast cancer non-profit, as well as a clean ocean initiative in the Caribbean.

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