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Selling for Green.Money™

What We Do

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Payment processing is a fairly straightforward industry. The proposition is pretty simple; We have a payment gateway that allows merchants to collect payments from their consumers.


What We Offer

At Green.Money™ we offer an alternative payment solution. We process electronic checks. Yes, some people say checks are dead, but tell that to our salespeople to whom we sent $2,000,000+ in commission payments last year. According to statistics, check volume is way up, not down. How the checks process has changed.

Truthfully, it is not as simple as just electronic check. If that was all we sold, we would be out of business like most of the competition. Review our Features and you will find we are awfully clever. Our many programming toys keep merchants fat and happy.

What is the Pitch?

At Green.Money™ we have several. The first is easy; You are too high risk for credit cards and ACH service. No bank will touch you. No one will underwrite you. We are your saving grace for collecting payments, and we underwrite in-house, so say hello to your approval letter. (BTW - we call these types "high risk," and they pay the best money.)

The second is common sense; We offer an additional payment method that costs less than credit cards, which means you get to keep more of your money. We also process same-day deposits, so you get your cash flow faster. There are no limits on volume and no reserve. In some cases, we will guarantee all of your payments, which means you never have to worry about a chargeback.

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How Do You Get Paid?

The Green.Money™ payment gateway allows you to earn at your pace. You get 50% of the Signup Fee, Recurring Monthly Fee, and Processing Fees collected on the volume your merchants' process with us. We pay commissions DAILY via ACH direct to your bank account on file. You also earn a $100.00 bonus for each merchant that we approve.

There are no requirements. You can get to a comfortable monthly residual and relax on a beach if you want. We've seen our share of it.

Need More Help?

We want you to be successful in your sales objectives. Green.Money™ gives you a full-time sales liaison to help you with everything. We don't expect you to learn from a few paragraphs on a website. Your liaison is a seasoned veteran, will teach you about everything that we offer, and is always available when you need something.

Contact Katie Raines at 404-372-2642 with any questions you may have, or email her at K.Raines@Green.Money.

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