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Try Not to Micro-Manage

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

One of the most annoying things to an employee is a boss that will not allow them to do their job. It's the type of boss that chases away great talent because they are always leaning over shoulders.

In one of my articles, I discuss the need to duplicate yourself. Just remember, an employee is not a robot. You are investing in an individual. Each of us is different, which is good. For a company to grow and succeed, it needs multiple brains working together to provide for the community. If the minds are all equal, nothing magical is likely to happen.

Think about a professional baseball team. The office sends out scouts to find a great second baseman. They sign an incredible player. Then, they place him on the field to catch, throw, and bat. The team expects him to do great things. On his first defensive play, a ball skips off of his glove, and the opposing team gets on base. On the very next play, that runner scores. You're the manager. Do you immediately remove and scold your new player, or do you allow him to continue?

There are two types of managing styles. There is the type that immediately scolds. Then there is the opposite, which allows mistakes to happen, then waits until after the game to discuss the error.

In my experience, it is usually better to allow employees to screw up and then show them how to do it correctly. This type of management style will enable humans to be human. It shows your employees that they can make mistakes as long as they're willing to learn from them.

If you immediately yell at your employee for making a mistake, you make them feel uneasy. That stress can lead to nervousness around you, which will inherently lead to further missteps. You also show that there is no room for error under your command. That's fine if your employee is holding codes for nuclear weapons. However, most of us are in less severe positions and can afford a slip up from time to time.

If you are too tough on an employee or always leaning over their shoulder, you show no faith. If you don't have confidence in someone you are paying to do a job, why pay them in the first place? What will happen when you take a vacation? Do you want employees that can think on their own, or would you prefer to have to babysit them while you're trying to enjoy a drink on the beach?

Learn to take a step back and allow your managers and employees to do their job. You may find that they will surprise you. It will allow you to relax more as you put the right pieces in place. You will end up with more productive, creative, happy, and loyal people.

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-Lonnie Passoff

Founder and President

Green Payment Processing

About the Author:

Lonnie Passoff started the first-ever internet-only electronic check processing firm in 2008. It has grown to be the largest e-check processor on the planet. A veteran of the United States Army, he has become a multi-millionaire through honest, smart business practices. He frequently speaks at business conventions and is a paid advisor to multiple corporations. He also holds a seat on the board of breast cancer non-profit, as well as a clean ocean initiative in the Caribbean.

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