ACH Prohibited List

Current NACHA Prohibited Merchant Types


The following types of Merchants and/or Industries are prone to high levels of financial risk and liability. We do not provide ACH Merchant Accounts for the following types of Merchants. However, we may still approve an E-Check Merchant Account:


  • Adult Videotext Merchants

  • Age Verification Services

  • Airlines

  • All Adult Entertainment, sexually-oriented or pornographic merchants, including but not limited to: Adult telephone conversations; Internet sex/porn; Adult pictures & photos; Misc. adult entertainment (not elsewhere classified)

  • Annual Billing with High Average Tickets

  • Bankruptcy Lawyers/Firms

  • Business Practices Promoting Racism, Violence, Abuse, Discrimination or Other Immoral Activity

  • Cable box de-scramblers

  • Cannabis/MMJ/CBD

  • Check cashing services

  • Collection Agencies

  • Counterfeit items, including but not limited to: Currency; Coins: stamps: Counterfeiting equipment; Trademark infringement

  • Credit Repair Services

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Downloadable Software

  • Drug Paraphernalia

  • Escort or Dating Services

  • Gambling Establishments

  • Human Growth Hormones

  • Illegal products/Activities of any Kind

  • Intellectual Property Rights Violators

  • Internet as Seen on TV Products

  • Internet Perfume Stores

  • Internet Pharmaceutical Sales

  • Internet Tobacco Sales

  • Internet/Mail-Order designer/imitation handbags

  • Internet/Mail-Order watches

  • Investment opportunities

  • Knock off Athletic Shoes

  • Kratom

  • Long Distance Services

  • Lottery Sales

  • Male or Female Sexual Enhancement Supplements or Products

  • Massage Parlors (unless licensed for physical therapy)

  • Matrix Merchants

  • Medical Advice

  • Multi-level Marketing

  • Negative Option Billing

  • Outbound/Inbound Telemarketing

  • Pre-paid legal advice/services

  • Pre-Paid Phone Cards

  • Pyramids/Ponzi Schemes

  • Stolen property

  • Sunglasses

  • Time Share Sales

  • Travel Agencies

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