Setup Cost


Based on Underwriting

Monthly Fee



Transaction Fee


$0.10 - $5.00**

Cost / Transaction


0.1 - 5.9%* **


On non-ACH approved accounts, there is a minimum charge of $0.75 per transaction (does not include ACH, Remote Deposit, or ICL). This is NOT in addition to our regular fee. For example, if the e-check you process is only $10 and your rate is 2.9% we will not bill you $0.29 (twenty-nine cents). We will bill you the minimum charge of $0.75 (seventy-five cents). This minimum fee is NOT APPLICABLE to ACH accounts.


**Determined By Underwriting: 

Pricing may be higher, and the availability of some services may be limited based on Underwriting. A higher setup fee, monthly fee, and monthly minimums may apply. A good standing history with the banks and/or other processors may qualify you for standard or lower rates, as well as access to many of our advanced features.


Convenience Fee 

YOU ARE ALLOWED TO CHARGE YOUR CLIENTS A FEE CALLED A “CONVENIENCE FEE.” You can offset our fee if you wish, or even charge more than we charge you, and make a profit. A representative can assist you with this once you open your account.


e-Verification Service

We reserve the right to refuse e-verification services if your company is deemed too high of a risk during underwriting.




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