How much have you paid the credit card companies in the last year? 

Credit cards are easy to use, headache-free, and everyone has a credit card and loves to use it right? Well, convenience has a cost...

Did you know that the average vendor pays 4% of their revenues to credit card processors?

Do the math - if your revenues were $1 Million over the last year - $40,000 have gone out the window. What could you do with an extra $40k right now?

It's time to move forward - with Green.Money™

Green.Money™ is a 360º payments solution, providing you with a fast, easy and affordable way to take payments from anyone, providing them with a seamless experience that increases loyalty and conversion.

Debit Your Customer's Bank Account

Give your customers the seamless, mobile-first payment experience they crave, debiting directly from their bank account, saving you thousands in credit fees.

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Transactions Completed in 60-seconds from start to finish!

The Perfect Solution For

Online Pharmacies

50% of your customers refill their prescriptions every month - paying with Green.Money™ makes it as easy and familiar as paying their electric bill!

Give them the feeling of safety and reliability so they don't have to wait for their medications - and you don't have to wait to get paid!

Unlimited processing makes it easy and more cost effective - plus, no reserve!

Debt Collectors

Collecting debt has never been easier. With the Green.Money™ payment gateway, no more paying high rates. No more waiting 3-5 days or longer to get paid. No more reserves!


You have the power to collect in your finger tips. You get validated, secure payments processed to your bank account on a Same-Day basis.

Manage your collections in a smarter, faster, and more affordable way. All of the necessary tools have already been built, including recurring debits (Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, M-F Only, Banking Days Only, and more).


Is your store on Magento, Limelight, WooCommerce/Wordpress, Shopify, 3dCart, BigCommerce, Ecwid, or another major shopping cart? We are already integrated and we've got you covered! Whatever site or system you are on we have the tools for easy integration.

Don't just offer one payment option. Give your customers multiple ways to pay. We offer faster funding than credit cards with MUCH lower fees. The Green.Money™ Verde checkout is as easy as any check out option - maybe even easier!

Startups & High-Risk

At Green.Money™ we are the processor. Why is that important? You are dealing direct with the underwriter. There is no middle-man playing games and making promises they can't keep.


Do you have a bank account in the United States or Canada? Are your clients in the United States? If you answered yes to both - Good. There is a 99.99% chance you will be approved. It doesn't matter if you started your company this morning.

Travel Businesses

Process deposits and subsequent payments in a fast, single form. With Green.Money™, there is no need to enter payments over and over. Plug in the information one time and let our system handle the rest with ease.

Get your deposit money the same day. No more waiting days or weeks on your money.

The Green.Money™ payment solution is cheaper than credit cards (normally 3-7% - with us as low as 1%) and the deposit time is much, much faster.

Don't Let Payments

Get in the Way of Sales

* The average eCommerce Cart Abandonment Rate across all industries is 69.57%. Of those, over 25% dropped the purchase because they did not have a credit card or enough credit available to pay for the transaction.
*If you are not offering alternative payment methods to your customers, you are driving your own abandonment rates higher. You are getting in your way. By offering payment alternatives, such as automatic bank debit, you substantially decrease your chances of losing the sale.
*Millennials don't want to run up credit card debt. Only 26% prefer using a credit card. 58% prefer using direct debit or a debit card. No one wants to return to the global financial crisis of 2008.
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The following testimonials are taken directly from the Better Business Bureau, where we constantly maintain an A+ Business Rating.
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