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Who To Sell To


Some of the best money to be made in selling Green.Money™ merchant processing is in High-Risk. These are Subscription Services, Jewelry, Travel, Entertainment, CBD, Kratom, and more. Why are they high risk? They come with a more considerable risk of chargeback and the possibility of fraudulent transactions, putting the banks and us at risk of losing money. Many of these merchants cannot get approved for credit card or ACH processing. We may be their only option. These merchant types pay a premium, so you earn more money per transaction.


Here is a list. The business types that you see in Bold Font are the best sellers and produce the most commission. We decline the types in red automatically.

High Risk_clipped.png
Low Risk Clipped.png

Low Risk

We consider businesses such as Restaurants, Hospitality, Retail, Automotive, and many with low ticket, zero chargeback, or low volume sales under $20,000 per month to be Low-Risk.

These businesses pay a lower price per transaction because they are more stable and run less risk of chargeback or fraudulent transactions. They usually last much longer, which means you may earn more money stretched out over time. 

Need More Help?

We want you to be successful in your sales objectives. Green.Money™ gives you a full-time sales liaison to help you with everything. We don't expect you to learn from a few paragraphs on a website. Your liaison is a seasoned veteran, will teach you about everything that we offer, and is always available when you need something.

Contact Katie Raines at 404-372-2642 with any questions you may have, or email her at K.Raines@Green.Money.

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