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Welcome to Green. Your account has passed all of our underwriting criteria, and is now fully active for processing and batching to your financial institution.

First, before you read anything else below see our Rate Guarantee*.



If you have not already done so go to our LOGIN SCREEN. We sent your password to your email address when you first signed up. Once logged in, if you need assistance in using the system see our Online How-to Guides.


Rate Information


Monthly Fee: 
Per Transaction: %

Refundable Deposit: $150.00
Your Account Will Be Billed: Daily

Please read our Terms for more specific information regarding billing and all other matters.



Image Processing


Checks in our gateway are processed via image and are remotely created based on the information provided. What this means in English is that we create an image of a check based on the information entered into the gateway. This image is then processed to your checking account. If you receive an actual check in the mail, or by hand, you may upload that image directly to your account. Simply ask us to turn this feature on for you.


Do you process a lot of checks?

Ask about setting up our Remote DepositAPI, or Image Cash Letter service.




Support Section



Here are some good easy to read How-to Guides to help you get started with our system:


How to Process a Single Check

How to Process a Recurring Check

How to Upload a Batch of Checks / File Upload Checks

How to Process a Picture Check / Check You Receive in the Mail

How to Process a Combination Check

How to Send an Email Invoice

How to View Your Recent Deposits

How to Change Your Checking Account


Support Email: Support@Green.Money 

Knowledge Base / Support Tickets:  http://Support.GreenByPhone.com

Terms and Conditions    Echeck API Manual    Report API Manual

Add-On Features

There are so many features in Green that we create from month to month that we could not describe them all. However, just in case you are curious here are a few of our favorites:
1. Pay Now Buttons: You can create and place PAY NOW BUTTONS on your website. It's super easy to create one. Check it out under ACCOUNT on the menu bar.

2. Email Invoicing w/ Signature Capture: You can create and send an invoice to any email. Your customer will click a link, pay you, and even sign the invoice online. Under INVOICES on the menu bar. Available in single or recurring payments.

3. Billpay Direct to Bank: Create and send funds direct from your bank account to any recipient in the U.S. or to Any Bank Account. Go to BILLPAY on the menu bar.

4. Create and Process a Simple Interest Loan: Do you or have or have you ever considered financing for your customers? Well, Green has the perfect system for you. Calculate and process a simple interest loan all in one place, then leave it alone and our system will do ALL of the work for you. Ask a customer service rep for assistance with this feature. It is a free add-on, but must be activated on your account, by request only.

5. Signature Gleaning: Need to add a LIVE SIGNATURE to your customers' checks? Maybe you received a check by fax and want to add it? Simple, ask a customer service rep to add this feature. Once activated you will be able to upload the authorization form with signature file (or actual check) and request that we "glean" it onto your checks.

6. Voice Verification: We have different levels of voice verification. We can cater to your specific needs. Ask a rep about creating a verification add-on for your company. We will call and record your customers on any or all of your checks. You get a copy of the recording to keep for your records. Great for outbound telemarketers and charities. There are additional fees on Voice Verification services.

7. Document Uploading: Have a document you would like to attach to a check? Simple, ask us to activate the feature on your account. Once the feature is active you can upload and attach documents to any check. Rental agreements, signed checks, an ID, or anything else. 3mb limit per upload. You can even add the ability to add a link and password on the check in case you need another party to be able to see the proof. Ask a customer service rep for assistance with this neat feature.


If there is ever anything that we can do for you please do not hesitate to contact us at support@Green.Money.

We appreciate your business and Thank You for choosing Green.

-The Green Team





*Rate Guarantee is only available on RCC, ICL, E-Check, Check21, and Draft services. It does not apply to ACH.


version 3.1.1 (Sep 1, 2016)