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Green.Money™ gives your foreign business the ability to accept payments from customers in the United States.

For 12 years we've heard your requests, and now we answer the most important one. Yes, we can help you accept payments from customers in the United States without you having to open a bank account.

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Take a look over the fee schedule and requirements below. When you are ready to get started, send an email to Support@Green.Money


Get Started:

Per Transaction:

Monthly Fee:

Verification Fee:


Payout Schedule:


9.9% + $0.50



Weekly Wire

5% 180day

(min spend $1000)


(21-day delay)


Banking services will be monitored by Green.Money™ but provided by an outside entity. You will be required to register your foreign entity in, and pay taxes to the government of, the United States of America. We will not be liable for, or be able to assist with, handling your taxes. However, the outside person or agency we assign will assist in setting up your Tax ID and accounting in the United States. 

email: Support@Green.Money

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