The Original

We are the original e-check gateway. We started the entire online e-check industry.


If you've never sold electronic check, you are missing out. Add something new to your portfolio today and win big!

Fastest Deposit Times in the Industry
Same Day Fast!
Fastest Approval
We invest heavily in our underwriting department. That allows us to approve merchants faster than anyone, anywhere.

Our Toys

We have our own in-house programming team! That means we offer more bells and whistles. All of our new toys keep your merchants around longer.


Yes.Ecwid, BigCommerce, CS-Cart, Limelight

Magento, OpenCart, 

PrestaShop, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.


Merchants use these carts to process payments. Use a processor that is already integrated. Us!

All Banks - Not Just a Handful

Unlike others in this industry, we process to ALL standard banks in the United States and some in Canada. We don't tell your clients where they can and cannot bank.

Our Verification Guarantee

We are the ONLY processor that offers Triple-Verify and a Verification Guarantee.


We electronically verify against the national data we purchase. We offer a second-stage Live-Verification from our call center. We top it off with a third stage, a block list built from 10+ years of verification experience. We gather information from all sources, internal and external, and compose a list of ever growing bad data.


If we fail and the check bounces, we will give a Full Credit of the fee we charged and still reprocess the check if asked to do so...100% free*. That is going the extra mile on behalf of your merchants!

*Restrictions Apply.

Low Risk to Ultra-High

We offer ACH, RDC, RCC, and ICL processing for Low to Ultra-High Risk, onshore and offshore, even for those that normally never qualify*.


*ACH service is only available for low to medium risk merchants.

We payout

$$$ Millions $$$

in commission payments each year!


We Never Cheat!


We payout DAILY. Also, we give you online tools to track your commissions, so you get every penny you deserve. 

No Rainy Days!

What does that mean?


If one of your merchants is approved, then later charges back their fees, you have



We will never take your commissions back once paid.

Real Support 

We allow you to take control of your merchants while interacting with us on a live, robust back end. You can handle your own merchants, or have us handle them for you.

We've heard it all before too. Don't just take our word for it. Scroll to your right and check out what other resellers say about us...

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