Remote Deposit

You enter check data into our secure gateway. We create check images for you, then process them through a special machine.

Your full deposit is processed

directly into your bank 

account Same Day.

What is Remote Deposit?

Your merchants use our secure gateway to enter their customer’s check data. We verify the information is accurate and create a check image. Those check images are transmitted via special bank equipment directly into their account for Same Day deposit.



How is this Different from ACH?


ACH processing is 4-5 day funding. 

That means your meerchants run checks on Monday and get paid on Friday or the following Monday. 


With RDC they get it SAME DAY!


With ACH they have limits and a reserve. Those limits keep them from growing unless they are "approved" to process more. Those Reserves hold up their cash flow for 90-180 days, usually at 5-10% of their revenue. That adds up quick. If they process $50k a month the ACH Reserve could be anywhere from $7,500 to $15,000.


With RDC there is no limit and there is only a $150 Refundable Deposit to them started.

Last, ACH is a pain to get approved. It takes 1-2 weeks minimum, and includes TAX Documents, personal and business history, checks their credit, and more.


RDC takes minutes to setup!

Download the

Remote Deposit Info Sheet

How do they Get Setup?

When it comes to bankers we suggest telling your merchants to keep their business as simple as possible. Any time they get too detailed about their business the bankers becom nervous. That will require a supervisor, which will require more time to review the request for aproval. That usualy results in declining the RDC setup.


We prefer the "KISS" method; "Keep It Simple."


Have your merchants tell their banker they need a "Desktop Scanner to deposit checks without having to drive to the bank." Nothing more, nothing less.

Here are examples of some names banks use as well as links to information on their websites:

Bank of America:

Chase Bank:


PNC Bank:

TD Bank:

US Bank:

Wells Fargo:

What about Smartphone Deposit?

Depositing checks on a smartphone is not as efficient and comes with daily and monthly limits. If your merchant is told about this service tell them to say Thank You, but No Thank You. They need a Desktop Scanner.

Can a Signature be Captured?

Yes. And this is Extremely Important because these days banks are kicking out merchants that process checks without signatures. For the obvious reason, your merchants should all be moving in the direction of adding signatures to all of their electronic checks.

Our system allows your merchants to send an Email Invoice which captures a signature. We also have Signature Gleaning, which is a fancy term for stripping the signature off of a Debit Authorization Form. Our system also allows the merchant to upload signed check images, and more.

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