How to Process a Single Check

1. To process a single payment click on CHECKS on the menu bar.

2. Click on PROCESS SINGLE CHECK on the drop down list.

3. Enter your customer’s information in the fields.


If you are accepting a Company Check enter the name as follows:




For: “ABC Company, Inc.” use:
First Name: ABC
Last Name:  Company, Inc.


The Routing Number ALWAYS starts with 0, 1, 2, or 3. The Routing Number is ALWAYS 9-digits. If you accept Canadian Checks the routing number will have 8 digits with a DASH (-) in the middle. An example is XXXXX-001. Your account must be approved and set up to accept Canadian Checks prior to accepting your first one.


See the check example below for where to find the 9-Digit Routing Number and Account Number on a standard check. The account number should not exceed 14-digits. 

4.  If you have your customer’s email address enter it in the BY EMAIL field. We are required by Federal Law to make sure your customer is notified of the transaction on the day it is processed. We can do this by email for FREE or by mail for an additional fee. This is why we suggest getting an email address for all of your customers. 


Banks love signatures. If you have a physical check with a signature, or a Signed Authorization Form you can upload it where it states SIGNATURE IMAGE FILE. One of our reps will take a look and glean the signature onto the check image if it is legally possible to do so.

Here are some forms you can download right from here. Click PDF or Word:


Single Debit Authorization Form (PDF) or (Word)



5. When you are finished with the form make sure to click on the checkbox and agree with the Terms or Service, then click the SUBMIT button. Wait a moment and our system will let you know whether the check was Accepted or Rejected. As long as the check is Accepted there is nothing else to do. We will handle the check from here. You will NOT receive notice when it is processed. However, once it has been processed you will be able to locate the check under REPORTING on the menu bar. 

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