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Time for Family

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

I’m sitting on an airplane flying to my office in Atlanta, thinking about how much I miss my wife and kids. I only left an hour ago, and how do I miss their voices and faces.

Knowing how important family is, how do you make time for them while trying to build an empire? How do you juggle all of the birthdays, sports events, doctor and dentist appointments, your anniversary, vacation time for them all, and so much more while maintaining a full-time job? It’s not easy.

One of the things I tell my employees and associates is, never lose sight of what your family does for you. Never ignore or place them second behind your work. A happy, healthy relationship with family is as vital to your business as cash flow.

Yes, sometimes they call or text during an important meeting or while you’re in the middle of a sale. If you can’t speak, make sure and immediately call or text back the second that you can. Don’t forget. If you are the forgetful type like me, place a reminder on your phone or have an assistant remind you.

You may be struggling to make ends meet. You need money for business and to support your family. However, your family needs your time more than they need money. Remember, the heart is always more important to them than the material goods and great life you wish to provide. Plus, money comes and goes. It will not always be there. Cycles of ups and downs happen in all walks of life and at all income levels. If you give them your heart and your time during the highs, they will do the same and support you through the lows.

If you travel and you are married, send flowers or a small gift to your spouse while you are away. Alternatively, bring something home with you. If you don’t have extra money for such things, a card that says “I Missed You” is enough. Humans are human; we love affection in all of its forms.

If you have kids, text them and video call as much as possible. Do it even if you are just down the street in your office. If you have older children, continue to reach out and let them know you care. It is important to them even if they act like it is not.

If you have a broken relationship with someone in your family, work on it. Don’t make excuses because it’s been a long time. Do not wait. You do have time to reach out and begin to repair and set things straight. It is worth the effort even if the other party doesn’t agree.

One last thing. I notice more and more families ignoring one another, stuck in their cell phones at lunch or dinner. I highly suggest you make a rule as I have with my family. I do not allow cell phones at the dinner table, which includes restaurants — no text messages or videos. I do not even allow devices on the table. I don’t break it myself for the most critical clients.

Remember to take care of and cherish your family. Take time out of every day. Add them to your busy to-do list if you have to, and don’t ever change your family schedule for a business deal. I promise it will give your life extra meaning, and take you to new heights.

Thanks for reading. If you like this or any of my other articles, please make sure and share them on social media.

-Lonnie Passoff

Founder and President

Green.Money (Green Payment Processing)

About the Author:

Lonnie Passoff started the first-ever internet-only electronic check processing firm in 2008. It has grown to be the largest e-check processor on the planet. A veteran of the United States Army, he has become a multi-millionaire through honest, smart business practices. He frequently speaks at business conventions and is a paid advisor to multiple corporations. He also holds a seat on the board of breast cancer non-profit, as well as a clean ocean initiative in the Caribbean.

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