How to Manage Your Merchants

Login. You should land at this screen. From this menu you can search for and Manage Merchants, see your Pending and Paid Commissions, see Activity Statements, get Marketing Materials, view Toys For Your Merchants, get How To Guides, and even Signup a New Merchant.

Click on ACTIVE MERCHANT SEARCH. You will be taken to this screen. You can enter the name of the merchant OR the name as it appears on their bank account. You can also use the shortcut letters. Click A and this is what you get...

Here, you can see any commissions that are pending or paid on this individual account, see their last 180-days of deposits, reset their login attempts if they are locked out, or even completely reset their password, which triggers an email to be sent to your merchant's email address on file. You can also view all of your merchant's notes, files, and settings by clicking on VIEW MERCHANT. Do that now...

One of the first things you should notice is the MERCHANT NOTES section on the top left side of the page. This will allow you to see any notes made on the account. This information includes the Date and Time stamp, lists the Green Employee that made the note, and the note itself. It also allows you to make a note on the file. If you make a note we will receive immediate notice to review it, so its interactive. There is no need to leave a note and then call or email us to let us know. We will review all notes throughout each business day.

DO NOT SEND SENSITIVE DATA THROUGH A NOTE. CREDIT CARDS AND CHECKING ACCOUNTS are required on our forms and must either be completed on DocuSign or by hand and uploaded to the Merchant Documents section (see below).

When we reply to a note or take an action on it you will see the MERCHANT ACTIONS menu (below Merchant Notes) on the left side column. This shows the last 15 actions including yours and ours.

On the Right Side near the top of the page you will Notice that you can see the MERCHANT ADMIN FUNCTIONS and then see whether your merchant is Verified and Confirmed, followed by their API settings. These are important settings. You can Reset a Password or Login Attempts from the Admin Functions. All other features must be done by underwriting. If something looks off make a note and we will look into it, and reply. If you do not understand one of the functions also make a note and we will reply with an explanation of its use.

Below these settings you will see the documents that we have on file for your merchants. You can see each document and upload any that you would like to keep on file. If you upload a document the system will notify us, and we will take a look at the document/s you uploaded. If we need to take action on the file you will see the actions taken in the Merchant Actions menu.

To add a document, click on ADD MERCHANT DOCUMENTS. This screen will pop up. Click on the Choose File button and locate the file on your computer. Then name it next to Description. Then click on Upload.

The final areas we want you to take a look at are the Billing Settings and Billing Rates. These are the most important settings. If something is not right make a note and let us know. If you do not understand a fee, please make a note. You cannot change fees or settings here, but you can request a change in the notes section. We will always respond once it has been reviewed.

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