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Thank you for choosing Green.Money™, the fastest Check processor in the World. Please click here on LOGIN.


You will need the following to Log In: 

UserName: TEST123
Password: 12345566789


You may go ahead and begin exploring the system now, and even enter checks if you wish. However, live verifications of your checks and deposits to your bank account WILL NOT be made until underwriting has fully reviewed and approved the account. Upon approval you will receive a Welcome Email.

Please make sure to check out our Online How-To Guides.


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We take customer service as a very serious part of our operation. We utilize modern, robust email support and live telephone operators. However, we ask that you take into consideration that we are human, and resolve problems as fast as humanly possible.


Our main phone line is answered by multiple Receptionists. If we miss your call or you call after-hours your call is sent to voicemail. Our phone systems do light up when we receive a message. This prompts the receptionists to check the message and return your call. However, if you fail to leave a message for us we will not know who to call, so please do so if we ever miss you.

When you have a technical question or issue the information is relayed to one of our specialists in one of FIVE departments. Those are Accounting, Customer Service, Processing, Programming, and Underwriting. All issues are handled in a timely fashion, within 1-Business Day of the receipt of the call or email.

In some cases we can resolve the matter immediately. However, in many cases we cannot. Why do we not resolve the issue immediately while you wait on the phone? If you are calling to reset a password we can do so during normal business hours with ease. We can also handle other trivial things fairly quickly. However, in most cases calls are about a recent deposit or fee, or to inquire about when an account will be fully active. Others may be calling to discuss more advanced features like APIRemote Deposit, or ICL integration. Most of these questions cannot be handled by basic customer service operators. So we established a work flow to fully assist you with your needs.


1. Your request is taken by phone or email.

2. The request is assigned to an employee in the proper department.

3. That employee is required to reply within 1 business day and resolve the issue (if possible).


Yes, we have to mention it again because your money is important to you...

At Green we promise to always be the best priced service around. If at any time you receive a quote from a reputable processor on comparable services we will beat that offer. Don't waste your time jumping from processor to processor. Shop around as much as you like. Send us any written quote you receive, then watch us go to work reducing your fees. It's that simple. We want your business now and into the future.


If you know the basics of using a computer and have some time surfing the internet you will find our system extremely easy to navigate. However, in case you need assistance we have created Online How-to Guides.

If you prefer that a live representative walk you through the system we will gladly do so. Call us at 404-891-1450. We are one of the only companies left that still offers good, old-fashioned customer service!



At Green.Money™ you may process any check amount up to $25,000. We do not process checks over $25,000.

We have Shopping Cart IntegrationPay Now buttonsSubscription buttonsEmail Invoicing, a fully integrated APIImage Cash Letter (ICL) service, available Real Signature and Document Capture, Multiple Bank Account Deposits on one merchant account, and much more for processing payments via phone, your website, and by email. If you need help customizing the Green.Money™ Secure Payment Gateway please call or email us. ALL of our programming has been, and is done, in house. That means that anything you can think of revolving around check processing is either already programmed into our system or can be done on site. No business is too large for us to handle.

If you process a few checks here or there just login and enter them as you go. If you need to process a lot at once you can upload your checks as a file and our system will automatically scrub and process them for you. You can also integrate into our system by using the Green.Money™ API. A full instruction manual is available online for programmers.


At Green.Money™ our billing is simple. If you process a check for $5000.00 you will see a deposit to your Business Checking Account for the full $5000.00, and a single withdrawal of our fee. This is done twice daily at 10:30am and 2pm Eastern Time, billed to your credit or debit card on file, to your checking account (requires advanced approval), or billed to your prepaid balance. If you process two checks on a specific date you will see your checks deposited, and a withdrawal for our fees. Your deposits are separate from our fees so you may see them on different days.

If you process $25,000 or more per month you may qualify for a discount. A representative will discuss discounted billing with you. Our system will not automatically place you on a discount plan so please speak with an agent if you are interested.

Your billing rate is determined by a professional in-house underwriter. The professional handling your account will contact you about your rate, usually within 24-hours of sign up (excluding weekends and bank holidays).


All e-check transactions require your customer's consent. The law requires that as the processor we guarantee that your customer is notified of each and every withdrawal from their checking account. In accordance with the law you may give a valid email address for your customer, and we will send an automated notice to them of the pending withdrawal. If no email is provided we will send a letter by regular mail about the withdrawal with your contact information. If you choose not to provide an email for confirmation the letter will cost $2.00 per check processed. If you provide a bad email that bounces back to us we will send a confirmation letter and the charge is $2.00. Since email is free we suggest that method. 

At Green.Money™ we employ every means necessary to fight fraud and to protect consumers from those who take advantage of electronic processing to steal money. By using our service you agree and understand that we have the right to contact your customers for third party verification of any check you enter into the system. We do not gather information for any purpose other than to help fight fraud, and will never use any information obtained from your customer for any other reason.


Click Here to see our current Terms of Service.



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or call. Our call center is available Monday through Friday. Our call center is closed on all federal holidays. We do answer email 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, including holidays.


Thank you again for choosing Green.Money™.

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