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How to Make Money Selling for Green.Money™

Sign Up

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During the signup process, most merchants pay a signup fee. You will learn how and set or negotiate this fee with your merchant. You will earn a percentage of this fee.


Monthly Recurring

At Green.Money™ we charge a monthly fee for our services. It may be as little as $10 a month or as much as $50. You will earn a percentage of this monthly fee every month.

You will be able to negotiate this fee with your merchant during the sales process. We will automatically bill this fee on the first of each month and pay you the commission percentage earned.

Per Transaction

Every time a merchant receives a payment, there is a per-transaction fee. You will earn money each time a customer makes a payment to your merchant. Transaction fees are the largest part of your earnings.

The larger the merchant, the more they usually process. As your transaction volume builds across your merchant base, the more commission you will earn.

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Sales Assistance

From time to time, you may want to use the Green.Money™ team to help close a deal. That is what we are here for. The question is; Will we still pay you the same commission percentage? 

We make money when you make a sale. If you initiate the sale and we assist with closing the deal, you still earn your same commission percentage. We all win together, and you get to keep enjoying those vacation days on the beach!

Need More Help?

We want you to be successful in your sales objectives. Green.Money™ gives you a full-time sales liaison to help you with everything. We don't expect you to learn from a few paragraphs on a website. Your liaison is a seasoned veteran, will teach you about everything that we offer, and is always available when you need something.

Contact Katie Raines at 404-372-2642 with any questions you may have, or email her at K.Raines@Green.Money.

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