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When you send an email invoice this is the email your customer receives:
The following is for example purposes only.
Subject: ABC Company, Inc. - Invoice
This is an Email Invoice. Payment is requested on the following:
Misc Billing
Misc Repairs on Misc Item
Payment Details: One Payment of 399.95 on 08/12/2022
To make payment now Click Here.
ABC Company, Inc.
Invoice: 441234
When your customer clicks on the link in the email this is what they see:
The following is for example purposes only.
Please Verify the Information Below and Sign Your Check.
Pay to:
Payment To: 
ABC Company, Inc.
1234 Anywhere Lane
Suite 444
Anytown, FL 12345
Email Address:  
888-444-1234 ext: 101
Your Purchase INFORMATION:
Misc Billing
Misc Repair on Misc Item
Payment Details:
One Payment of 399.95 on 08/12/2022
Your Payment Information:
DO NOT place your company name here as the signature or the check may be rejected.
Signer's First Name:
Signer's Last Name:
For Joint accounts use only the SIGNER's name here.
Name on Check (can be company name):
Address on Check:
Zip on Check
Address on Check:
Suite / Apt on Check:
City on Check:
State on Check:
Routing Number on Check:
Account Number on Check:
Bank name on Check:
Your Email Address:
Your Phone Number:
John Doe
United States
999 Anywhere Street
SunTrust Bank
please agree to the terms and Sign:

I agree to pay the amount indicated above, using the checking account information listed. I understand this amount will be debited from the checking account using a check draft or electronic check debit. I understand that once I press the Submit Payment button below I will not be able to stop the payment from processing. 

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