1) Sign into your ecwid account. If you do not already have one you will need to create an account.


2) The Green.Money App is registered on the ecwid app store. Please use this URL:



3) On the App Settings please Enable the App to Yes, type your Green.Money API Client_ID and Password. If you have not already received your API credentials you will need to speak to underwriting. This setting must be activated on your Green.Money account for this to work.


In Mode use: https://greenbyphone.com/ecart.asmx, On Title: type Green Money. Then click Submit. Please see image 2.

When the App is properly installed on the ecwid store the Green Money tab is automatically displayed.

When your customer chooses the Green Money payment option ecwid will redirect to our server to make the payment.

When your customer enters the proper payment information, and payment is successful, they will be redirected to ecwid's Thank You page. If there is anything wrong your customer will get an error message, and will not be taken to the ecwid Thank You page.


When your customer pays via the Green Money payment method, the payment status may show "AWAITING_PAYMENT." Payment status will only change when the check_Id is passed to our Green.Money payment servers.

If you experience issues please contact your technical support team. We have tested ALL of the above with our own store and it works perfectly with our system.

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