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What is Remote Deposit Capture?

There are many ways to process debits. One of the more modern methods is called RDC. At Green.Money™ we use this technology to speed up your deposits so your customer debits post to your bank account the Same Day.

Remote Deposit

What is Remote Deposit?

You use our secure gateway to enter your customer’s check data. We verify the information is accurate and create a check image. Those check images are transmitted via special bank equipment directly into your account for Same Day deposit. You Get Your Money The Same Day!


Can I Capture a Signature?

Absolutely, you can send an Email Invoice which captures a signature. We offer a new service called InstantCheck. We also have signature gleaning, which is a fancy term for stripping a signature off of a Debit Authorization Form. You can upload a signature image, and more.

You enter check data into our secure gateway. We create check images for you, then process them through a special machine.

Your full deposit is processed

directly into your bank 

account the Same Day.

How is this Different from ACH?

ACH processing is 2-3 day funding.

That means you run your checks on Monday and you get paid your funds on Wednesday or Thursday.


With RDC you get SAME DAY funding!

That means you run your checks on Monday and you get your funds on Monday.


With ACH you have limits and in some cases a reserve. Those limits keep you from growing unless you are approved to process more.


With RDC there is no limit and there is only a small Refundable Deposit to get started.

What do I tell my banker?

When it comes to bankers we suggest keeping your business as simple as possible. Any time you get too detailed about your business they become nervous.


We prefer the "KISS" method; "Keep It Simple."


Tell your banker you need a "Deposit Scanner to deposit checks without having to drive to the bank."

Here are examples of some names banks use as well as links to information on their websites:     

Bank of America:

Chase Bank:


PNC Bank:

TD Bank:

US Bank:

Wells Fargo:

Download the

Remote Deposit Info Sheet

What about Smartphone Deposit?

Depositing checks on a smartphone is not as efficient and comes with daily and monthly limits. If you are setting up RDC with us, tell your banker "No Thank You." If you are looking to deposit a few checks yourself, then yes, you will want this ability. Make sure you don't exceed their daily or monthly limits.

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Ready to get started? The process is 100% electronic. It will take less than 5-minutes of your time. Most approvals are done on the Same Day! 

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