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Pay Bills and Deposit Money to Accounts from Anywhere in the World!

Banks offer billpay free of charge. They send a payment on your behalf where it needs to go. How about asking your financial institution if they can deliver that payment to any bank account in the United States, sent from your computer while sitting on a beach on a tropical island... without ACH? Uh...don't think so! Well, at Green we can do that. We can process your bill payments or deposit a check on your behalf directly into the bank account of another person or company. And yes, you can get it done while on vacation, sipping on a cold one, looking out over the ocean, without signing up for ACH.

How Does it Work?

We have several options. You can send your payment via email. Your recipient receives the payment, prints out and signs the check, then deposits it using their bank's mobile deposit. Option 2, you enter the Name, Routing and Account Number of the person or company you wish to send a payment to. We process the check directly to the bank account you choose or send the payment to any address you want in the continental United States. We can send as few or as many as you want.

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