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Welcome to Green.

For 17 years, our team has been providing businesses with a reliable platform to process their customers' payments. We deeply appreciate your interest in our offerings and are here to assist you with anything you need, even if it's just advice.


Explore our services today and discover how we can support your business.

Our Services

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eCheck & ACH

At Green, we were the trailblazers in the eCheck industry. We're not exaggerating. Our expertise in processing electronic checks and debits is unmatched, and we back it with guarantees no one else dares to offer. Scroll down to find out why tens of thousands of companies have put their trust in us.


Credit Card Processing

Anyone can offer credit card processing. The real question is: How can they support you beyond just getting you approved? That's where our team comes in. We don't stop at approval. We teach you how to save and protect your business from potential risks.


Donation Platform

We provide a powerful donation platform for organizations seeking to raise funds. Whether you're campaigning for office or fundraising for a cancer society, we have the tools to get you started quickly and ensure compliance. Discover how we can support your organization today. You do not have to be non profit.

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The Only e-Check Processor that is so confident that we offer an Exclusive Guarantee*.

We guarantee your electronic checks against fraud and loss. *Upon approval, we take on 100% of the risk, covering any losses you sustain. No one else in the industry offers this level of protection. With multiple layers of anti-fraud measures built into Green and a 17-year anti-fraud database to support our promise, we confidently ensure your security in the event of a loss. Certain rules and limits apply. Ask an associate for more details today.

Advanced Processing & Features


Features, Features, & More Features! 

When we began business in 2008, one of the first things we added to our in-house built software was a Feature Request Button. As the late, great Kobe Bryant once said regarding his training regimen compared to his competitors, "As the years go on, the separation you have between competitors and peers grows larger and larger. By year 5 or 6, it doesn’t matter what kind of work they put in during the summer, they’re never going to catch up.

Similarly, it doesn't matter how much effort our competitors put in now. We are lightyears ahead, with an incredible number of added features that save you time, money, and headaches. Our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation ensures that we remain at the forefront of the industry. And just in case we missed one...the button is still there! Your feedback drives us, and we are committed to delivering the best possible experience for our users.

Get Your Money Freaky Fast!

Turbocharged Cashflow

One of the unique services we offer, which sets us apart from nearly all our competitors, is Same Day Deposit of your funds. With electronic check processing, we can transfer your money directly into your bank account on the same day*. That's right—gain access to your money much faster. Plus, with our Freaky Fast Transaction speeds, most transactions are completed in seconds, not minutes, hours, or days.

Why is getting money quicker so crucial in business? It's all about cash flow. Rapid access to your funds allows you to reinvest in your business immediately, seize new opportunities, and maintain smooth operations. Whether it's purchasing inventory, paying employees, or managing unexpected expenses, faster cash flow keeps your business agile and responsive, giving you a competitive edge.

*Excludes weekends and Federal Bank Holidays.

Professional Grade Reporting

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Coconuts for Referrals

We get it, merchant processing sales might not be your thing—and that's totally fine. But if you do enjoy a little extra "coconut" ($$$) in your life, we've got a sweet deal for you. Refer someone to our processing services, and you'll earn a recurring commission of 15%. We're talking about a never-ending supply of extra coconuts. It's like an all-you-can-drink Piña Colada party under the palm trees—minus the sunburn!

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